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what is the quickest way to get my personal credit report?

You can securely order your personal credit report from our Home page. You will receive your report instantly after the order process is completed.

Paying by credit card is the easiest and fastest option as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and in-bank deposits first have to clear before the report is sent to you.

What is your personal Credit report?

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Your credit information is gathered by credit bureaus on a regular basis from various sources that have extended you credit. Retailers, banks, lenders, employers, landlords, and other credit providers have access to your credit records to assist them with credit risk management in deciding whether to grant you further credit, a loan, a credit card, new employment, housing, or to offer you new products and services.

As a consumer it is critical for you to know your credit status and always have a complete picture of your credit history and credit score.

The MYpbVerify™ premium credit report considers all possible influences that may exist on your credit rating and combines it into one, easy to read credit check report that gives you a full picture of your credit history and credit status in the market.

Does drawing my own report reflect negatively on my credit rating?

No. Every time you check your credit report, the enquiry is recorded, but will not impact negatively on your credit standing. However, too many enquiries by credit providers can be negative.

How frequently do you need your personal Credit report.

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This is entirely up to your credit activeness in the market. Because your credit status potentially changes every time you are active with credit transactions, your credit file changes constantly.

It is therefor important that you get an updated review of your credit information frequently to check how accurately the market is perceiving you.

If your Credit score is low or below average, you may want to take corrective action to improve and monitor your credit status.

Is the MypbVerify report free?

No. MYpbVerify credit report contains premium information and options that you may not find on free credit reports.

You can also request your MYpbVerify credit report as often as you need to.

You have three MYpbVerify credit check reports to choose from.

Basic Report Icon

The basic report only includes essential information for you to assess your personal details, employment details and information about any adverse judgements against your name.

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The Standard report combines the BASIC REPORT information with an in-depth look at your credit accounts, credit cards, credit loans and payment history plus your CompuScore rating.

Basic Report Icon

The premium report combines the BASIC + STANDARD report with an in-depth look at property you own (Deeds information) and your CIPC company Director's information.

Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon  (These icons next to an item indicate on which reports the said information can be found)

What does it mean if there are NO information in a section?

When it comes to adverse (negative) information on a credit report, a credit report reads much like a criminal record, meaning that if there is no information in i.e the Judgements section, then it is positive as there is no negative records.

What information is on your MYpbVerify report

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Your Personal Identity Information   Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

Your personal information derives from various credit applications and agreements you completed. This information normally includes your name and surname, basic identity information, your physical and postal addresses, telephone contact numbers, ID number and details, employer details and contact information.

Adverse credit information  Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

Adverse credit information is matters of public record obtained from government sources such as courts of law and it may include court Judgments, enforcement actions, sequestration, debt counselling and rehabilitation information. This information will in most cases remain on your credit report for 5 years. Adverse information has a negative impact on your credit record and your credit score and, depending on the creditor, any adverse entry may result in your credit application being denied.

Employment information  Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

When you fill out credit applications, information pertaining to your employer, contact telephone numbers, your position and other related information is often recorded and will reflect on your report. This information is also often used by credit grantors when vetting you for credit.

Who has been accessing your Credit report   Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

Every time an agency draws your credit record or an inquiry is drawn against your name where your credit report is shown to a third party, such as a retailer, bank, lender, service provider, landlord, or insurer, the inquiry remain on your credit report for up to two years. These inquiries are listed on your MYpbVerify™ Credit report for your information. The report will contain the date of the enquiry and the name of the company who conducted the enquiry. An enquiry does not mean you are a high credit risk. Your credit report includes the names of those who have obtained copies of your credit report within the past two years.

Fraud Alert   Standard Report Icon  Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

We draw information from credit bureaus and the SAFPS (South African Fraud Prevention Services) database to indicate whether there are any fraud alerts registered on your name and if so, the details thereof. Fraud alerts indicate that someone has flagged you


Yes. Some credit grantors heavily depend on scoring systems to assist them with making decisions.

Since your credit report influences whether you are able to buy a home or get any kind of credit, it is extremely important to protect your credit score by making loan and account payments on time and by not taking on more debt than you can handle.

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Your Credit Score (CompuScore)   Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

Your credit score is drawn from your credit report, which outlines your borrowing, charging and repayment activities. It summarises a number of positive and negative factors that aim to predict how likely you are to honour your credit commitments in the future. A good rating helps you reach your financial goals while a poor rating limits your financial opportunities.

Your credit account information (CPA)   Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

Account information includes the type of loan you have with a credit provider, such as your bond (mortgage), student loan, revolving credit, or an instalment loan. It will show the date you opened the account; your credit limit or the loan amount; cosigners of the loan and your payment pattern over the past five years.

When you enter into a credit agreement, the amount that has been extended to you must be repaid over a specific period you have agreed to. This information is provided by the credit provider and your payment pattern is updated on your credit record every month, explaining your current repayment behaviour. If you pay your account consistently on, or before the due date it will reflect your good payment behaviour and other credit providers will see that you repay your accounts consistently well and look more favourably at approving your application for credit. If you have not repaid your accounts well, credit providers and/or lenders will be less likely to extend you credit in the future.

Accounts that are no longer active, may still reflect on your report for up to 10 years from the date of your last activity.

National Loans Register (NLR)   Standard Report Icon  Premium Report Icon

As part of your standard and premium reports, we incorporate all available information from the National Loans Register (NLR) pertaining to registered, unsecured micro loans and the payment history thereof you may have.

Benefits of your Premium Report Icon Premium credit report.

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Versatility is key

MYpbVerify™ is the only online consumer credit check system that gives you the versatility and options to include (or exclude) various options from your credit report to customise according to your status, business involvements and your budget..

Director (CIPC) registrations  Premium Report Icon

MYpbVerify™ gives Directors of companies the option to include Directorship information. This information include CIPC registrar company information that is vital to company owners, board members and executive Directors of companies.

Deeds (property) registrations  Premium Report Icon

MYpbVerify™ gives property owners the ability to view all property information from the Deeds registrar database. This information is vital to people owning property.

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